TCU Baseball Schedule! | 7 Key Important Dates Don’t Miss

tcu baseball schedule


It is with great anticipation that thousands of football fans want to have their hands on the TCU baseball schedule. Whether you’re a hardcore Horned Frogs fan or an occasional follower of the team, it is vital to have all necessary information on TCU baseball schedule. In this article, we are going to provide you with the most important details about TCU baseball schedule so that there is no chance of missing an exciting on-pitch moment.

Calling all Horned Frog fanatics! 2024 TCU Baseball Schedule is finally out and it’s time to unveil your purple gear for dusting, and mark you calendars. Get ready for another action-packed season full of intense rivalries and opportunity to witness home games played at Lupton Stadium in support of our purple boys.

However, with 56 games spanning almost four months taking place it can be quite daunting to remember everything of importance. Don’t worry, we have got you. On this helpful calendar, we will show you the 7 important dates which one has no right to skip on TCU Baseball Schedule. But get your nachos, that purple koozie of yours and jump straight into the core territory of Horned Frog baseball.

Key Dates to Mark on Your Calendar:

A ritual for any TCU baseball fan is to note the important dates relevant in their calendars. These include the start of a season, conference rivalries and probably playoff matches. With this, you would be able to see a dashboard view of when the Horned Frogs will play their games so that you can plan your attendance or watch it from home via television. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable matchups and events in the TCU baseball schedule:

1. Opening Day Fever (February 16th):

First, gear up for Opening Day’s powerful kinetics! because according to the TCU baseball schedule On the 16th of February, Lupton Stadium is brought back to life as TCU Horned Frogs open their season against an opponent that has not been announced yet. The crowd’s roar, the sound of popcorn and a baseball bat crack – it is something unique only to TCU. Therefore, paint the sky purple, call your buddies and their families in to watch how a brand-new saga of an exciting season opens.

2. Showdown in Stillwater (March 9th):

Recall that horrendous home defeat at the hands of Oklahoma State in a walk-off last season? Now, cheer for some measure of sweet retaliation because As the TCU baseball schedule On March 9th the Frogs head to Stillwater to get their payback. The rivalry is normally extremely hot, and it can provide fiery performances of pitching duels with the possibility of a major swing occurring in their season. Will TCU be able to crawl back up into the Big 12? Don’t miss this thrilling battle to find out!

tcu baseball schedule
tcu baseball schedule

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3. Purple Reign at Globe Life Field (April 1st):

Gear up for some major league pizzazz, as on April 1st the TCU Horned Frogs will be playing at Globe Life Field, one of the majestic homes to Texas Rangers! In a matchup with their hometown rival, this game is an opportunity for the Frogs to display its talents before a big crowd and possibly pick up some fans in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Add to this the charms of hot dogs, nachos and that famous retractable roof. It is a baseball evening that you will remember for long to come.

4. Lone Star Showdown (April 12th-14th):

It is the fight that you’ve been looking forward to – your yearly Lone Star Showdown against Texas Longhorns! Gear up for three days of spirited rivalry, jam-packed stadiums and pride across the state. From the first pitch on April 12th to the final out on October, every game brings a unique atmosphere. Will the Frog defend their home court or will the Longhorns take over? It is a must to attend this legendary clash of Texas in order to cheer till heart’s full for the purple and white!

5. Homecoming Weekend Extravaganza (May 4th-5th):

Become immersed in the sense of nostalgia when TCU Horned Frogs invite their alumni and fans to a memorable Homecoming Weekend! In the space of one day, 4 may and next evening actually Lupton Stadium is an ocean of purple as unlike-minded generations Horned Frogs mark TCU Baseball Schedule creep school spirit also all things Fort worth. Look forward to plenty of pre-game celebrations, tons of tailgating activities and an opportunity to reconnect with other Frogs as the team you hold close takes on its opponents. It is a traditional weekend for any devoted TCU alum that it should not be missed.

6. Big 12 Championship Chase (May 17th-19th):

The season final approaches, and the stakes only continue to grow. According to the  TCU Baseball Schedule Horned Frogs fight for the Big 12 Championship title from May 17th to May,9th. With every pitch, swing and play as they fight to get a shot at representing the conference in NCAA Tournament. Will coach Schlossnagle guide his team to championship? Fasten your seatbelts for a riveting weekend of Big 12 baseball. You do NOT want to miss this!

7. Road to Omaha: NCAA Regionals (Late May – Early June):

If the Frogs manage to get a ticket for NCAA Tournament, another thrilling installment is around the corner! Starting in late May and extending into the early days of June, regional rounds provide nerve-shredding battles with dramatic comebacks along with a national stage for TCU baseball. Can the Frogs beat regional powers.


Finally, the TCU baseball Schedule is more than just a set of dates and opponents; it’s a guide to an exciting season that features some fierce rivals as well creating memories. The schedule, key dates and through official channels can help you to have the best case when visiting TCU baseball. Thus, prepare yourself, schedule your game days and be ready to support the Horned Frogs as they strive towards victory in their next season.


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