2023 Coastal Carolina Baseball Schedule (42-21)

Coastal Carolina Baseball

Introduction to Coastal Carolina Baseball

Welcome to the exciting world of Coastal Carolina Baseball! With its rich history, passionate fanbase, and talented players, this program has become a powerhouse in college baseball. Whether you’re a die-hard Chanticleers supporter or just discovering the team for the first time, get ready for an action-packed season ahead.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the highly anticipated 2023 Coastal Carolina Baseball schedule. From exhilarating matchups to key rivalries and standout players to keep an eye on, we’ve got all the insider details you need to fuel your excitement for what promises to be another unforgettable season of Chanticleer baseball.

So grab your glove and brace yourself for nine innings of heart-pounding moments as we dive into the highlights of Coastal Carolina’s 2023 baseball schedule!

Highlights of the 2023 Schedule

The 2023 Coastal Carolina Baseball schedule is packed with exciting matchups that are sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. From non-conference battles to conference showdowns, there’s something for everyone in this action-packed season.

One highlight of the schedule is a series against rival team, South Carolina. These two teams have a long-standing rivalry and every game between them is intense and highly competitive. Fans can expect some thrilling moments as both teams fight for bragging rights.

Another standout matchup is a weekend series against Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets are known for their strong baseball program, so this will be a great test for Coastal Carolina. It’s always exciting to see how our team matches up against top-notch opponents.

In addition to these marquee matchups, the Chanticleers will also face off against tough conference foes like Texas State and Louisiana-Lafayette. These games will be crucial as Coastal Carolina looks to make its mark in the Sun Belt Conference.

The 2023 schedule promises plenty of excitement and challenges for the Coastal Carolina Baseball team. With talented players and dedicated coaching staff leading the way, it’s bound to be an unforgettable season!

Coastal Carolina Baseball
Coastal Carolina Baseball

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Players to Watch

Players to Watch
1. Luke Williams:

A standout infielder with exceptional defensive skills, Luke Williams is a force to be reckoned with on the field. His agility and quick reflexes make him a valuable asset in any game situation. Keep an eye on his powerful swings and accurate throws.

2. Parker Chavers:

Known for his impressive batting average, Parker Chavers has proven himself as a reliable hitter time and time again. He possesses excellent plate discipline and has the ability to hit for both power and contact. Expect some clutch hits from this talented outfielder.

3. Zach McCambley:

As one of Coastal Carolina’s top pitchers, Zach McCambley holds great potential on the mound. With his strong arm and effective repertoire of pitches, he poses formidable challenges for opposing batters. Get ready to witness some dominant performances from this ace pitcher.

4. Eric Brown Jr :

A versatile player who can contribute both at the plate and in the field, Eric Brown Jr. brings athleticism and skill to every game he plays in. Whether it’s making diving catches or delivering crucial hits, he never fails to make an impact.

5.Jeffrey Maciejewski:

Jeffrey Maciejewski is a left-handed pitcher who consistently delivers solid performances on the mound.

He showcases excellent control over his pitches combined with deceptive movement that keeps hitters off balance.

Look out for this southpaw’s precise pitching skills throughout the season.

These players are just a glimpse into Coastal Carolina Baseball’s talented roster for 2023!

Preseason Predictions

Preseason Predictions:

As the 2023 Coastal Carolina baseball season approaches, fans and analysts are buzzing with excitement about what lies ahead for the team. With a talented roster and a strong coaching staff, there are high expectations for the Chanticleers this year.

One of the key areas of focus will be the pitching staff. With several pitchers returning from last season’s successful campaign, including ace right-hander Austin Kitchen, there is reason to believe that Coastal Carolina will have one of the top pitching rotations in their conference.

Offensively, look out for power hitter Ethan Murray to make an impact at the plate. The junior infielder had a breakout season last year and has continued to improve his skills in the off-season.

In terms of competition, Coastal Carolina will face some tough opponents throughout their schedule. Matchups against perennial powerhouses like South Carolina and North Carolina State will provide valuable tests for this young team.

While it’s difficult to predict exactly how any season will unfold, all signs point towards another successful year for Coastal Carolina baseball. With talent on both sides of the ball and a favorable schedule ahead of them, this team has all the tools necessary to compete at a high level once again. Stay tuned as we eagerly await opening day!



As we eagerly await the start of the 2023 Coastal Carolina baseball season, there is no doubt that this team is ready to hit the field and make a statement. With an impressive schedule ahead and a talented roster of players, fans can expect nothing but excitement and high-quality baseball.

The 2023 Coastal Carolina baseball schedule is packed with challenging opponents from both within and outside their conference. From early-season matchups against top-ranked teams to conference showdowns that will determine their postseason fate, every game on this schedule holds importance.

With key returning players like Jake Smith and Ethan Wilson leading the way, Coastal Carolina has a strong foundation to build upon. These athletes have proven themselves as leaders both on and off the field, setting an example for their teammates through hard work, determination, and skill.

But it’s not just about these standout individuals; it’s about teamwork and unity. The success of Coastal Carolina baseball relies on every player stepping up when called upon – whether it be delivering clutch hits or making crucial defensive plays.

As for preseason predictions, it’s always difficult to predict how a season will unfold in its entirety. While some games may end in victory while others result in defeat, what truly matters is how this team grows together throughout the journey.

So let’s gear up for an unforgettable 2023 season of Coastal Carolina baseball! Make sure to mark your calendars for all the exciting matchups coming our way because you won’t want to miss a single moment of action-packed ballgames played by these passionate athletes wearing teal and black!

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